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Carolina Core Solutions has been providing years of quality products & services throughout the Carolinas.   We are focused on providing new and recycled corrugated cores, as well as ground paper products for use as in recycling and re-purposed products.

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Structural/Paper Cores- Paper cores serve as structural supports for paper towels, wrapping paper, issue paper, textiles, and similar materials.  Paper Cores are typically cylinders or strong cardboard tubes that are used in adhesive, fabric, electrical, and paper product industries. The desired application plays a part in how the paper core is made.  For example, paper cores that are made from thin paper or cardboard are great for an application like paper towel rolls, but would fail as a core for heavy fabrics. Paper cores and paper tubes are often confused; however the difference between the two is how they offer support. Paper tubes provide support from their exterior, Paper cores on the other hand must be able to withstand a great deal of pressure so their support comes from the interior of the core. The thickness of the paper core is determined by the type of material that is being wrapped around it.  Because of this it is important to work with knowledgeable manufacturers and designers when searching for a paper core for your application.  This is where  the  "Solutions" are derived from Carolina Core.

Lightweight and heavy-duty paper cores are used in various industries and applications. Manufactured to order, our custom paper cores are made to exact specifications, maintaining tight tolerances for precision use. Our cores are often used when winding or re-winding woven materials, non-wovens, foam, insulation, tape, labels, stretch film, bags,  carpet, and fabric.

Design Factors

Strength- The strength-to-weight ratio of a core depends on a variety of factors. The base paper, adhesives used, layering, resins, and the length of the tube all factor into the general resilience of your end product. Make sure you determine your specific strength requirements in advance.  We  can work with you to produce acceptable results.

· Length- Cardboard tubes can be any length, but narrower cores may look more like rings.

· Interior Diameter- Cardboard Cores are exclusively described according to their interior inch diameter, never their exterior dimensions. If you need a specific exterior measurement for your application, make sure you communicate carefully with us to avoid mistakes about what the inch diameter describes.

· Thickness- The thickness of a core will usually be a factor of its base material and how many layers are used during production. 

· Production Cost- Generally speaking, stronger cores will cost more to produce. You may also need to factor in the weight of shipping heavier cardboard cores in your budget. For this reason, it's best to aim for 'strong enough' instead of a cardboard core that is as strong as possible.

· Weight- If you need to keep weight particularly low, make sure you work with us to find the best combination of materials and process to create the lightest core that  still meets your standards for strength and other physical factors. 

Choosing a “Partner”

When choosing a cardboard core supplier, make sure you look for the right manufacturer for your project—not just the best-reviewed or cheapest manufacturer in your region. A good fit will save you more money, time, and other resources than anything else in the long run.

· Familiar with Your Needs- Because there are so many unique applications, it's going to be best if you do your research and find a manufacturer familiar with your specific application. At the very least, references from production jobs similar to your type of application. When you find a team that knows what you need and expect, you won't have to worry about mistakes, missteps, waste, or general inefficiencies in production.

· Flexibility- It's a good idea to work with a supplier willing to work with you to customize products to your exact needs, rather than one that will try to force one-size-fits-all solutions on your company to avoid changing settings on their machines. A good manufacturer helps you maximize your efficiency instead of their own-- at your expense.

· Scheduling- It's very important that you clarify schedules early in your negotiations just to make sure you'll have your cores when you need them for your project or product. It's also important that scheduling be realistic and based upon a detailed understanding of your needs, shipping requirements, and other factors.

· Transparency- Make sure you know what you're getting for what you pay. If you're buying cardboard cores for a specific purpose, make sure you understand what, if any, secondary items are included in your quote. A failure to determine the exact details when ordering can create problems with your budget, production, & waste management efforts. 

Custom Paper Cores

We understand that every business has a distinct set of needs, which is why we work so hard to provide you with custom paper cores. By offering fully customizable products at affordable prices, Carolina Core Solutions empowers your business to put its best foot forward and represent itself with quality paper core solutions. You can trust us to create something that matches your exact specifications! 

Each job is cut to order, but we do keep a range of sizes in stock.  All of our cardboard cores are made from ‘high performance’ premium grade paper. We can offer cores either plain buff, a white inner and/or outer or alternatively we can print your company details and logo on the inside of the cores. This gives a very professional, branded finish and helps your product stand out.

Although we manufacture cores to order, the processes we use have been refined over many years, and therefore we are able to offer a very fast turnaround on urgent orders. If an order is urgent we will dispatch it for the next working day if at all possible. Our standard lead time is 5-7 working days.

If you do need cores urgently and we are able to do them, we will never charge our customers a premium for this. We also have a "No minimum order" quantity.  Paper cores are an essential component in the manufacturing process. But depending on the end product, the winding core must meet certain specifications. Our paper cores are made with high-quality raw materials and customized with your products in mind.

Quality Cores Quickly

Carolina Core Solutions produces paper cores made with the finest grades of 100% recycled paperboard for a variety of industries. Our customization capabilities and fast turnaround times are just a few of the reasons why so many customers rely on us for paper cores.  We can print, emboss, and/or or cut paper cores to your exact specifications and typically deliver them within 48 hours within specific geographic regions in the Carolinas. Additionally, we stock many sizes of paper cores, ready to ship the same day.  

The Future of the Industry


Globally, paper and the paper board industry is growing. The paper cores market is expected to grow due to increasing demand of paper cores across various industry such as textiles, wovens, non-wovens, paper mills, adhesive tapes, wire etc.  Paper cores are used for packaging of material as well as winding of products for storage and distribution. Depending on the intended use,  paper cores are made by different materials such as less durable cardboard or paper used for manufacturing paper cores for toilet paper, winding of films or paper towels, whereas heavy duty thick cardboard used for electrical, textile or  the fabric industry.  While manufacturing paper cores, adhesives can be added for strength  so they do not get squashed easily.  Depending on the application type,  paper cores are available in different diameters,  lengths,  and wall thickness.  The Global paper cores market totally depends on the packaging industry.  It has gained popularity in the packaging of beverages but more commonly used for winding and rewinding of products such as textile, fax rolls, toilet tissue paper, newsprint, kraft paper, polyester films, metallized films etc.  If the demand of the above listed products increases,  it directly affects the global paper cores market positively.

Global Paper Cores – Market Dynamics

Growth in demand for the global paper cores market is expected to grow strongly for several reasons. One of the significant factors which contributes in the growth of the paper cores market is the  increasing demand of the products by various industries.   Moreover, paper cores are fully recyclable, reusable, and environmental friendly which also contributes in the significant market growth.  Paper cores have a huge potential to grown within the packaging market  by providing more  compact packaging.   lThe desired reduction of plastic cores can also affect the growth of the global paper cores market.

Global Paper Cores – Market Segmentation

The global paper cores market can be segmented on the basis of diameter,  end use and by thickness.  As far as diameter,  the paper cores market is segmented into –

  • Up to 1.2 inches
  • 1 to 3.15 inches
  • 3.15 to 7.87 inches
  • Above 8 inches

For end user consumption, the paper cores market is segmented into but not limited to the following:

  • Textiles
  • Paper 
  • Adhesive Tapes
  • Foam
  • Insulation
  • Construction material
  • Wire
  • Foil Industry
    • BOPP
    • Aluminium


Quality product, custom solutions tailored to each client's needs, superior service, and competitive pricing through a trusted relationship.

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